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[转]Spring AOP以及代理JDK和CGLIB 0

[转]Spring AOP以及代理JDK和CGLIB

我们知道,Spring 中 AOP 是一大核心技术,也是面试中经常会被问到的问题,最近我在网上也看到很多面试题,其中和 Spring AOP 相关的就有不少,这篇文章主要来总结下相关的技术点,希望对大家有用。


Read Properties file in Spring MVC for XML and Java Code

Spring allows us to externalize String literals in its context configuration files into external properties files in order to separate application-specific settings from the framework-specific configuration. You can use the property values in context...

CORS Flowchart 0

Enabling Cross Origin Requests for a Sprint MVC RESTful Web Service

Skip the definition of CORS, I will test 4 implementations which from Spring official document. 1. Preparation: 1-1. Create a resource controller The service was deployed at domain api.novastartupclassic.com