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How to do JVM performance analysis in docker container? 0

How to do JVM performance analysis in docker container?

1. Prerequisite Java application with docker based on JDK 8 and alpine. This app is a Jhipster application. Dockerfile:

  2. Precheck Enter container to check the process. Of course, we...


Disable Logback log files in containers

We found the spring boot project running containers will keep restarting after some time, maybe 10 days, maybe 5 days. The root cause is spring logback is writing log files into /tmp/ directory as...


OAuth 2 Password Credentials&Client Credentials

In microservices, the front service should use the Authorization Code(Grant Type) to let users log in with the web browser, and other services in the background should use Client Credentials(Grant Type).

Nested Transaction Implementation 0

Nested Transaction Implementation

There are two classes OrderService and OrderRepository,  OrderRepository will be called inside of OrderService. OrderRepository inserts one record of order into the database. My Purpose: When an exception happens in OrderRepository or OrderService, the transaction will rollback and...